NEW Foldaway Version is Available - Please Check out our Gallery: For more information please use our contact page Trilliards is a new and unique game for the home or commercial market. The commercial version has a timer which can be adjusted up to 30 minutes per game.  The game is played from one end so you dont need a huge amount of room to play and can sit in the corner of your room or pub.  You gain points by getting three or four of your coloured balls in either a Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal line. For an alternative from snooker, pool and billiards look no further than Trilliards. Very simple to play but so addictive you wont want to put your cue down The Latest In Pub Game Entertainment. Takes Up Little Space And Fun For All The Family - Anyone Can Play - No Matter What Their Ability Trilliards is a simple and challenging fun for all the family pub game.  Any age or ability can play the game, young children can even use a small ramp to launch the ball  Simple but Challenging TM Designed by D Large IT Services